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About Us

Our Partners

Lightship believes that we can deliver the best value over a sustained period by approaching every relationship as a partnership.

This includes our employees, our clients, and a broad assortment of relationships with consultants, individual experts, service providers, and technology companies. We strive to build deeper relationships and go beyond the typical employer-employee, vendor-client, and company-company alliances.

Every client situation is unique and presents different opportunities. Lightship has partnerships with a variety of consultants, individual experts, service providers, and technology companies that allows us to provide the optimum skills and services to our clients.

Our Philosophy

Lightship Partners' breadth and depth of experience across industries and corporate functions has helped shape the following philosophies ...

Lightship Partners operates at the intersection of these philosophies and helps clients understand and navigate programs based on these philosophies.

light·ship part·ners

[lt shìp] noun

a ship with a bright light: a ship used to help guide voyagers clear of hazards; a ship used to aid captains navigate towards their goal or destination

[p rtn r] noun
(plural part·ners)

somebody who shares activity: somebody who takes part in an activity or undertaking with somebody else

light·ship part·ners
[lt shìp prtn rs] noun

a unique consultancy: a consultancy that provides expert guidance in partnership with clients to avoid hazards and navigate towards a common goal