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Manage and articulate the value of IT
using a framework of best practices

IT Alignment is consistently cited as one of the top IT priorities and challenges for both IT and non-IT executives. Lightship Partners, publisher of the upcoming book on IT Alignment, has developed an IT alignment framework to help companies optimize the value from their IT organizations.

AlignIT Framework
AlignIT Framework Gears

The AlignIT Framework™ is based on best practices and research and provides guidance to organize, measure, and manage Information Technology for optimum business value.

The AlignIT Framework™ will provide insight, guidance, and plans to …

  • Organize for Success,
  • Measure for Results, and
  • Manage for Value.

Based on working with a variety of organizations, Lightship has developed the AlignIT Framework™ based on best practices to help companies better organize, measure, and manage their IT organizations.

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What is IT alignment?

The evaluation, approval, and prioritization of IT activities, including development, maintenance, and support, in coordination with the priorities of all business activities.

What impacts and drives IT alignment?

The IT organization structure, performance measurement system, and management practices all influence IT alignment.

How do you improve IT alignment?

Use best practice frameworks to
  • Establish an organization structure positioned for flexibility and efficiency,
  • Establish balanced and stable performance measures, and
  • Establish consistent and transparent management practices.