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Improve business analytics and planning using
next generation technologies and techniques

Business analytics and data analysis are frequently constrained by the quantity and granularity of historical transaction data available for ad-hoc analysis and reporting. IT organizations also frequently struggle to gather and deliver this data to end users in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Lightship has developed an Analytics Blitz™ service that can help organizations supplement existing environments and quickly leverage next generation technologies and help companies analyze large amounts of historical performance data and uncover new insights into business performance.

Analytics Blitz

The Analytics Blitz™ leverages cloud computing, cloud storage, and next generation business intelligence technologies. These technologies are delivered as a service and address the constraints of existing data warehousing and reporting technologies to dramatically enhance the insight and guidance derived from business intelligence and analytics activities.

Based on working with a variety of organizations and technology partners, Lightship has developed the Analytics Blitz™ service offering to help companies quickly develop new insight into business performance and establish new tools and processes for ongoing analytics.

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What is business analytics?

Continuous iterative exploration and investigation of past business performance to gain insight and drive business planning.

What impacts and drives business analytics?

Quantity and detail of critical business transaction data combined with powerful and flexible data analysis tools.

How do you improve business analytics?

Use next generation technologies to
  • Lower data warehousing and IT infrastructure costs,
  • Store larger amounts of historical data at granular levels of detail, and
  • Provide ad-hoc analysis and data mining without IT development efforts.