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Provide interim executive management
with experienced industry
CEO's, CFO's, COO's, and CIO's

Companies often need to supplement existing or missing management during times of growth or transition. Lightship's CxO in Residence™ service provides experienced CEO's, CFO's, COO's, and CIO's to help guide and manage operations during these times.

CIO in Residence

A CxO in Residence™ can help fill a void in executive management during periods of rapid growth or a search for a new full time CxO.

In this role, the CxO in Residence™ (CIR) can provide interim guidance and management and also help recruit, hire, and train new leaders. A CIR can also fill an important role immediately before or after a merger, acquisition, or divestiture to help prepare and then execute associated plans.

A CxO in Residence™ can help mentor and guide new or junior managers or operations leaders.

In this role, a CxO in Residence™ (CIR) can supplement the skills and company knowledge of existing long term employees with external senior executive experience. The CIR can help establish new strategies, training programs, and management structures such as a Program Management Office to help support continued company growth.

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The CxO in Residence™ service can provide full time or part time CxO's. Lightship typically provides CxO's in Residence on a monthly retainer basis to reduce overall costs but we'll tailor the service to the needs of the client.

Network of experienced CxO's

Lightship has a network of current and former CxO's spanning retail, CPG, manufacturing, and other industries.

Why use an interim CxO?

CxO's must have a combination of technology, team building, and business skills. Interim CxO's can help provide these skills during times of transition and while companies build their organizations.

Why supplement existing leadership?

Experienced CxO's can help:
  • Provide external objective insight,
  • Mentor new and developing leaders, and
  • Assist with CEO-CIO communication and team building.