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Financial Officer Support & Guidance

Lightship Partners Co-CFO™ service provides consulting services to support CFO’s and senior management teams in both continuous and one-off projects. We recognize that few companies have sufficient management resources with surplus time to manage one-off transactions and at the same time manage the day to day activities of the Company. Overloading the management team management can remove their focus from the actual business of the Company and, in so doing, impact on future performance.

CIO in Residence

We work with the Company’s senior management in a role that is closer than that of a traditional consultant and more akin to the role of an officer of the Company. All directional decisions are made by the Company but we provide the additional specialist resources and contacts needed for the Company to complete the specific transaction without the need to recruit additional staff. We work with the Company to identify what is necessary and then highlight specific areas where we can assist the Company.

In many cases, part of our contribution will involve general assistance; however we do attempt to identify discrete objectives for which we can be held accountable. For each of these objectives we will identify specific deliverables which will evidence that the objective has been achieved. We will also provide an estimate of how long the objective will take to achieve.

We will work with companies on a variety of engagements including:

  • Improving accounting systems, internal controls and targeted reporting
  • Strategies to improve profitability
  • Development of company practices and procedures
  • Identification of acquisition targets and formation and execution of acquisition strategies
  • Development of defences to acquisitions
  • Preparation for capital raising (both Public and Private)
  • Crisis Management

email usCoCFO Program

The CoCFO™ service can provide full time or part time CFO's. Lightship typically provides CFO's on a monthly retainer basis to reduce overall costs but we'll tailor the service to the needs of the client.

Network of experienced CxO's

Lightship has a network of current and former CxO's spanning retail, CPG, manufacturing, and other industries.

Why use an interim CxO?

CxO's must have a combination of operations, strategy, technology, team building, and business skills. Interim CxO's can help supplement these skills during times of transition, change, and high growth.

Why supplement existing leadership?

Experienced CxO's can help:
  • Provide external objective insight,
  • Mentor new and developing leaders, and
  • Assist with executive and board communication and team building.