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Creating a foundation for business
execution through enterprise architecture

Lightship utilizes several models across the four architecture domains in order to reduce complexity and improve speed to market. Our alignment models use the six interrogative questions; who, what, when, where, why, and how, to create a simple but effective means of mapping various aspects of business and technology. This mapping provides the basis of reducing TCO and improving speed to market through portfolio rationalization and process optimization.

IT Architecture Models

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Complexity is the Problem.

As organizations grow, multiple paths to accomplish the same thing can develop. Functional areas become silos, each with their own point solutions. Individually the solutions work fine. Together they hinder a company's ability to coordinate activities.

  • Are different areas of the business each requesting something unique that can better be solved with a common solution?
  • How much should be in common and how much should be unique?
  • Is IT an organization of short order cooks?

Establishing single versions of the truth enable organizations to leverage common data and processes and improve speed to market.

What is IT architecture?

Holistic descriptions and models of the enterprise for business and technology capabilities necessary to achieve corporate strategies and goals.

Technology Optimization

IT Architecture Execution Strategy

Source: Enterprise Architecture as Strategy: Creating a Foundation for Business Execution, J. Ross, P. Weill, D. Robertson, HBS Press, 2006.

Process Optimization

IT Architecture Process Optimization