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Graeme Silbert


Mr. Silbert has been a CFO and COO of numerous organizations and has led numerous turnaround and growth initiatives in the U.S., Canada, and Australia.

Most recently, Mr. Silbert was the CFO of a medical device company where he led a reorganization that led to dramatic growth and profit improvement. With a wide skill set and expertise in management, sales, law and finance, Mr Silbert's contributions in turn around opportunities are multi-faceted. Being able to contribute in more than one area makes him a valuable and economic resource. More importantly, it enables better coordination in the turn around, thereby increasing the speed of the engagement.

In addition to turn arounds, he is experienced developing new businesses, either as a startup or as a business unit of an established operation. His wide skill set is an asset in new business development where building an early stage operation into a stable business requires flexibility and a variety of skills including the ability to develop and implement business plans. In a similar vein, he has assisted a number of foreign companies enter the USA to take advantage of the commercial advantages in the USA and in so doing has opened and staffed offices. Overseas companies entering the USA face special challenges including capital investment, lack of resources to deal with local regulatory compliance, finding employees and partners as well as language barriers. Mr Silbert has successfully addressed these hurdles.

He has also been involved in both public offerings and private placements as General Counsel and as COO and CFO. He is experienced in presenting in investor and customer road shows and training others to present in such road shows.

Mr Silberts sector expertise includes technology, medical, manufacturing and sales based businesses.

Mr. Silbert has two law degrees and a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) from the University of Western Australia.

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Network of Partners

Every client situation is unique and presents different opportunities.

Lightship has partnerships with a variety of consultants, individual experts, service providers, and technology companies that allows us to provide the optimum skills and services to our clients.

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Experience to deliver.

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