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Our People

Scott Rabinowitz


Mr. Rabinowitz has worked in senior management roles in Strategy Management and Supply Chain Management. In these roles, Mr. Rabinowitz led teams to improve supply chain efficiency and inventory control.

Mr. Rabinowitz received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the University of Michigan.

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Network of Partners

Every client situation is unique and presents different opportunities.

Lightship has partnerships with a variety of consultants, individual experts, service providers, and technology companies that allows us to provide the optimum skills and services to our clients.

Skills for "how".
Knowledge for "why".
Experience to deliver.

start-up, turnaround, and high growth organizations

Michael Beller

public company Chairman and CEO

Jamieson Karson

turnaround CEO and consultant

Geoffrey Lurie

retail technology strategy & operations

Jeffrey Kish

retail analytics, merchandising, and planning

Alan Barnett

supply chain and inventory management operations

Scott Rabinowitz

Portfolio and Project Management Office (PPMO)

Ned Young


Michael Beller