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Our People

Sid Taubman


Mr. Taubman is a seasoned finance and business operations professional, with 21 years of experience in a broad range of industries. He has worked in several locations across the United States and managed an assembly plant in Mexico.

In his current role with IEI, he directs the finance department of the $6 million public transportation consulting firm, where he has implemented major improvements to the firm’s financial management systems and prepared bid materials that have led to multi-year federal contracts totaling $93 million.

Prior to joining IEI, Mr. Taubman facilitated the transition of a Florida DOT highway toll collection contract from a former contractor. Work included termination and rehiring of 2,000 employees along with enrollment in a benefits program and preparation of work schedules. He worked with the MIS department to implement data capture and invoicing protocols.

As a partner with Pilgrim Advisors, he managed a series of engagements during which he addressed issues in distribution, manufacturing, operations, financial planning and cash flow management. Clients included Brainstorm, where he assisted in the acquisition of $13 million in assets from Xconcepts, and Baby Togs, a $100 million apparel company. He also managed the European division of Roca wear, negotiated for their warehouse contracts, and supervised collections and inventory control.

Mr. Taubman worked as VP of Business Development at ToyBiz Inc., where he was also VP of Manufacturing for Marvel Comic Books. He consolidated all manufacturing of Spectra Star, Quest Aerospace, and Colorforms Inc., in Mexico, handled the sale of existing facilities and construction of new facilities, and negotiated with unions. He managed operations at the Mexico plant from 1994-1999.

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Network of Partners

Every client situation is unique and presents different opportunities.

Lightship has partnerships with a variety of consultants, individual experts, service providers, and technology companies that allows us to provide the optimum skills and services to our clients.

Skills for "how".
Knowledge for "why".
Experience to deliver.

start-up, turnaround, and high growth organizations

Michael Beller

public company Chairman and CEO

Jamieson Karson

turnaround CEO and consultant

Geoffrey Lurie

retail technology strategy & operations

Jeffrey Kish

retail analytics, merchandising, and planning

Alan Barnett

supply chain and inventory management operations

Scott Rabinowitz

Portfolio and Project Management Office (PPMO)

Ned Young


Michael Beller